Brownie Smile Song

I've got something in my pocket

That belongs across my face

I keep it very close to me

In a most convenient place

I’m sure you’ll never guess it

If you guess a long, long time

So I’ll take it out and put it on

It’s a great big brownie smile.

(sing twice, last time through, don’t say the last word, just smile)


Pat pocket with hand

“Draw” smile on face with fingers

Pat pocket

Continue patting pocket

Shake hand pointing index finger

Continue shaking finger

Act as if taking something out of pocket

Draw smile on face


I’ve got something in my pocket

That’s what the big girls say

I’ll have a pocket of my own

When I wear brown someday

My life is bright and easy

I smile most of the day

I’m having lots of fun now

I sing and laugh and play

Brownie Smile.mp3