Hand Slapping Game Songs (Oom Pah Pea)


Sit in circle. Put hands out, palms up. Your right hand should be on top of the left hand of the person next to you. One person starts and hits their right hand on the right hand of the person to their left. Then the person whose right hand was hit, hits the person to their left’s right hand. This is repeated until either of the songs is completed. The person whose hand was hit last, is out. This is repeated until there is one person remaining. (This can be done with either of the songs below.)

Hanky Panky:

Down on the banks of the hanky panky

Where the bull frogs jump from bank to bank

With an eeps, opps, oapps, oops

He missed the lily pad with a kerplunk.

Oom Pah Pea:

Oom Pah Pea Colony Colonesta

Oom Pah Pea O Colony

Acadamie Safari

Acadamie Puff Puff