Queen Mary

Motions: (stand in circle)

My name is Queen Mary point to self

My age is sixteen flash “16” on fingers

My father’s a farmer hook fingers in straps of overalls

Down yonder green point with thumb over shoulder

He makes lots of money rub fingers of both hands

To dress me in silk sweep arms down to show off dress

But nobody loves me but you. Wag finger and point to another

Refrain: Join hands and circle while singing refrain

Call me mutton chops

Tell me when your mother’s up

I’ll be there to pick her up.

Call me mutton chops

I woke up this morning arms up as if waking up

And looked in the glass look at hand (as if hand was mirror)

And said to myself finger on side of mouth

What a handsome young lass poof out hair

With rings on my fingers wiggle fingers of both hands

I bow to my toes bow at waist and sweep right arm to ground

But nobody loves me but you. (go to refrain) wag finger and point to another