Ring, Ring

Ring, ring, how I wonder

From one hand into the other

Is it fair, is it fair

To leave poor ***** sitting there.

Rules: One girl sits in the middle; other girls form a circle around her. The left hands are cup-shaped; the right hands are “pinchers”. Your right hand will “take” from the left hand of the person on your right. The person on your left with “take” from your right hand.

Everyone is in the same rhythm – your hand, your neighbors hand, your hand, your neighbors hand, etc.

A small object (i.e. ring, penny, stone) is passed around while singing the above song.

When the song is finished, the girl in the middle gets three chances to guess who has the “ring”. If she guesses correct, she changes places with the girl who had the ring. If she is wrong 3 times, she stays in the middle for another round.