(The) Blue Aardvark

This game requires at least 11 players, and there must be an odd number of players.

Everyone, but one, gets a partner. Then form a circle with one person in the middle. Leave one empty spot to be used as “home” for the person starting in the middle. As you sing the song, the person in the middle “steals” a partner from one of the other couples and returns to her home spot.

The girl who does not have a partner needs to steal a new partner from another couple. She may not take a partner from the couples on either side of her home spot.

The game continues as the song is sung. The song is a melody that counts to 100. After you reach 50, the song gradually gains speed. The person in the middle without a partner when “100” is sung, is the blue aardvark. She will start in the middle for the next game.