I have a dog his name is Wags. Point to self

He eats so much his tummy sags clasp hands out front to show big belly

His ears flip-flop flop one hand then another next to ears

And his tail wig wags wiggle bottom

And when he walks

He zig zags

Both hands together zig zag in front


He goes flip flop, Flip hands

wiggle waggle, wiggle bottom

zig zag. zig zag hands

He goess flip flop,

wiggle waggle,

zig zag.

My little doggy loves to play. Point to self

He rolls around in the grass all day roll hands in front

I whistle (whistle) put fingers to mouth as if to whistle

But he doesn’t obey. Shake head

He always runs the other way point with thumb over shoulder

(go to refrain)